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YouTube Channel


Welcome to my YouTube Channel where you will find informative audio and music videos about Angels, Angel Groups, the Archangels, the Age of Enlightenment, Afterlife, Ancient Prophets, Meditation, Mediumship, Prophecies and the Universe. I am working on a series of tutorial videos such as ‘Connecting with your Angels’, ‘Noticing The Signs from your Angels and the Afterlife’, ‘Working with Pendulums’ and ‘How to do readings using Angel Oracle Cards’.  I have also added a section featuring music videos designed to inspire, motivate and elevate the mood!

Your opinion matters to me. If you enjoy a video please ‘like‘ it on YouTube so I can gauge its popularity. You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel directly from this page or on the video page. Once you become a subscriber you will receive periodical updates about new videos or additions to the channel that might be of interest to you.   Please let me know if your have suggestions for topics you would like to see included on my YouTube Channel.

Thank you!

Cynthia A. Silk
Angel Channeler & Psychic Medium


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