I offer Angel Channeling Development classes for anyone interested in connecting with their angels and wishing to learn about the various methods of communicating with them.  I conduct classes once a month at my home typically on the 4th Saturday of the month.  The classes are two hours long and are limited to 6 people so that I can give everyone my undivided attention.

During the first hour of the class we focus on Angel communication using simple exercises which will teach you how to identify the messages you are being sent.  The messages come in the form of colors, images, music and telepathic guidance.  During the second hour one of the following subjects will be covered:

A)  How to do a reading for yourself using Angel cards.

B)  Working with pendulums.

C)  Simple meditation techniques

D)  Ancient meditation techniques.

E)  Visualization techniques.

F)  Noticing the signs and how to interpret them.

All you need for the classes is something to take notes with, preferably a notepad or a journal so you can document your progress.  The classes present a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people who also wish to develop their metaphysical abilities.

For those of you who do not live in the Houston area I am in the process of developing an online venue for classes.  It is my hope to launch online classes before the end of this year.

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