Time Travel

Time Travel


The concept of time travel is unimaginable to many however this is a form of travel that actually exists. There are in fact four different types of time travel in the Universe today and they are historical regression, past life, transphysical and dream induced.

Historical regression is a means by which Angels return to a period in history in order to review specific events recorded in history books for their accuracy. Past life visits are frequently conducted by Angels for individuals who have certain behavioral patterns that have been repeated over two or more past lives.

The most common form of traveling through time is transphysical which is used by people all over the Universe. Transphysical travel is whereby an individual leaves his or her place of abode by dematerializing in order to travel as energy to another place in the Universe.

Dream induced time travel is whereby people visit another dimension in the Universe during their sleep. This is actually far more common than people realize and is often misunderstood by those who experience it because of its complexity.

The principles of energy travel have enabled scientists across the Universe to formulate time travel and to develop its technology in the future.

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