Star Groups

Star Groups


There are over one thousand star groups (constellations) in the Universe. Each of the constellations comprise several star systems, planets and their inhabitants that are overseen by Angels. The most prominent of the star groups lies in a remote area of the Universe called Za’diel, which is the largest galaxy of its kind. Another star group known for its unusual inhabitants occupies the second largest galaxy of its kind called Tra’zal. This particular galaxy contains the greatest number of stars and planets in the Universe. These two groups are significant because of their proximity to the outer rims of the Universe.

A limited number of star groups can be found inside space tunnels that resemble spirals. Space tunnels are a phenomenon of nature that occupy a large area of space that can be seen from strategic vantage points up to two light years away.

The basic concept behind interstellar communication is an innovative and effective one. Each of the groups has its own communication system used for informational services and to contact starships. The system is a high frequency device that transmits data faster than the speed of light that can be sent and received all over the Universe.

Another system that is commonly used within star groups is a relatively new method of transportation called star connectors that are the energy equivalent of bridges linking inhabited stars and planets. This amazing technology surpasses all previous method that have been in existence for millennia.

In one of the star groups can be found a very rare type of star that is so large it has its own unique transit system to enable its residents to travel around it.

Star groups facilitate several types of creative elements known as transponders that are used as mobile devices for interstellar travel. These transponders were invented by Árian Angels many millennia ago.

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