The integral element of space composition requires a significant understanding of the complex and often baffling scientific data that was used to identify it. The truth is that space remains one of the most amazing creations ever made.

The basic part of the Universe is made up from space that is relatively easy to travel through however there are areas where space is very dense making travel virtually impossible for those unfamiliar with its unpredictable weather patterns. Angels are the only ones who are permitted access because of the nature of the unprecedented storms experienced within its parameters.

The core of the Universe is filled with space of a different kind that is completely impenetrable. The variety of life occupying space is unimaginable. From energy to parallel planes the enormous impact this has on space travel will become evident when we have a better understanding of the principles of the Universe and knowledge of its past.

The most intriguing part of the Universe is a unique dimension that literally transcends all others known as hyperspace. This dimension can only be reached through another form of transportation called virtual element travel. This method of travel is whereby several elements of energy are used to transport people between dimensions and other parts of the Universe. This is the fastest form of transportation currently used by space travelers.

Significant developments are in progress to create a specific form of trans-dimensional gateway that will enable people to use their own modules to access another popular area called the vectra project. The vectra project is an intricately designed transit system that will dramatically reduce travel time from one part of the Universe to another. This system was masterminded by Árian Angels. The vectra project is a massive undertaking that will encompass the entire Universe once it has been completed.

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