Sacred Sites: Stonehenge, England

Sacred Sites: Stonehenge, England


Stonehenge has been an enigma for several millennia and a source of curiosity for the many who visit this once sacred site. While it will be some time before we learn of its true significance there are some fundamental discrepancies about its origins. One of the reasons for writing about Stonehenge is the link it has to many of England’s lesser known ancient monolithic and neolithic sites and its connection to Angels.

The original concept behind Stonehenge was to create an astrological time marker that would link several of England’s sacred sites to other sacred sites around our planet. The idea was to replicate the circular structure of a navigational instrument that would deflect the light from the sun during the spring and autumn equinoxes and the summer and winter solstices in southern England.

While the construction plans were still in their infancy it became apparent that there was a significant flaw in the positioning of each of the monolithic stones and this was because of their proximity to the magnetic bands that encircle the Earth’s lesser known dimensions. Subsequently the original plans had to be altered in order to allow sunlight to infiltrate through the cornices of the structure at exactly the right angle.

The next problem that arose was how to transport the stones from England’s west country to its present location in the southwest region of England. After a great deal of deliberation a method of transportation was devised whereby each stone was mounted on unique and rather ingenious wedge-shaped structures that could be dragged across the land. The stones were then moved by several hundred men over a period of four years and so the building process began.

This entire process was orchestrated by several groups of angels who were not only responsible for the concept behind Stonehenge but also for the multiple sites linked to it. As you can imagine this was quite an undertaking as it required an in-depth knowledge of the complex star formations surrounding our planet and of course an aerial view of it!

The amazing part of the Stonehenge story is the ancient belief that this former sacred site was connected to astrology which given the incredible mystery about its original purpose is surprisingly accurate

This article about Stonehenge was channeled from Archangel Zé.

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