Planes Explained

Planes Explained


The topic of planes is controversial as it addresses the little known content of dimensions. Planes are a subcategory of seven out of twelve dimensions in the Universe and have been in existence since dimensions were created. Each of the planes occupies an area within a dimension’s atmosphere that covers specific regions of the Universe.

Planes have multiple elements that contribute towards the structure of each dimension and that support its occupants. One of these elements is the reason for including the subject of planes on this website.

The inhabited planets in the Universe each have three dimensions of their own that are not to be confused with the primary dimensions that make up the Universe as a whole. In addition each planet has two planes in each of its three dimensions.

We live in the third dimension of this planet. The first plane of our dimension is uninhabited. The second plane of our dimension is home to several groups of angels who are sent to oversee this planet’s inhabitants. These are the very same angels who guide us every day and who communicate with angel channelers around the globe.

Seven of the twelve primary dimensions of the Universe each have three planes. The first plane of each primary dimension is uninhabited. The second and third planes of each primary dimension are inhabited by multiple angel groups and extraterrestrians who are sent to oversee each dimension’s inhabitants.

The reason planes exist is really quite simple and that is to serve as a base for those responsible for overseeing each dimension.

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