Time was introduced by Árian Angels before the Universe was created as a method of calculating the distance between space and its physical content.   This was accomplished by measuring effective layers of space between each component and recording them. The method used was a mathematical technique known as the ‘horrasa principles’ that defined the density and motion of gravity. After an extensive calculation of these components a new form of measurement was devised that took into account the amount of physical movement of both space and the components, which were subsequently converted into units of sixty, seventy and ninety. These units represented the distance from each component and marked the beginning of a new concept that revolutionized the way the Universe calculated its motion in space called time.

This concept was not perfected until a new discovery was made that added another component to it called a secondary movement. This created the foundation for a specific function of time that became an integral part of its mechanism.

The final element to complete the mechanism was the addition of a natural element that became the defining component of time and the start of a process that changed the way the Universe performed.

The official definition of time was formally introduced to the Universe as a method of calculating the duration of daylight in each of its regions. There are a number of different time zones in the Universe today that have a completely different time structure than ours and that have more detailed components. This means that there are multiple regions that are each using their own unique time pieces and calendars.

The importance of time became evident when space travel evolved in the Universe. Before the introduction of time journeys in space were measured by the distance traveled.

There are several developments in place that will transform the way the Universe analyzes its long and complex history. This is because since its creation there have been a number of different methods used to calculate its age.

The only way to fully understand how the introduction of time impacted the future of the Universe is to imagine what our life would be like without it.

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