Dimensions of the Universe

Dimensions of the Universe


Dimensions are a unique and dynamic part of the Universe because of their unusual formation and content. The Universe is divided into seven primary dimensions each of which with a gyrating energy that rotates in perfect symmetry with the others. Furthermore every dimension is home to various groups of angels and other humans. In addition every inhabitable planet has three dimensions of its own that rotate concurrently. These dimensions are home to various groups of angels and other humans.

The seven primary dimensions of the Universe represent different time zones each with its own unique time structure. The reason for the different time zones is because of the extreme distance between the dimensions that makes it impossible to make the journey within a specific time of day. The best part of space travel is that there is no jet lag!

Dimensions are an exciting concept that were developed by Árian Angels shortly after the Universe was created. Dimensions are subdivided into three planes of existence. The significance of each plane is discussed in a separate chapter of this website.

An inordinate amount of labor goes into each dimension and its development. From scientists to angels the workforce has to endure the intense heat that emanates from the type of energy used in its construction.

Recent developments have made it easier to travel between dimensions enabling the traveler to reach his or her destination in record time. In the past trans-dimensional travel was a long journey that often took up to forty days depending on weather conditions however today the journey can be completed in as little as twenty four hours.

The best way to describe dimensions is to think of them as completely different zones of the universe all of which have separate governing agencies but that share the same laws and values.  Every one thousand years the Universe creates a new dimension that forces the Universe to expand and to procreate.

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