The Universe

The Universe


The Universe is a beautiful place teeming with life. It is the most extraordinary, complex and intriguing creation ever made.  It comprises seven primary dimensions all aligned symmetrically and in perfect synchronicity. Each dimension has three planes of existence that are home to various spirit groups. These planes can only be inhabited by people whose skills are required to oversee the dimensions they are assigned to. These are typically angels and other high-ranking officials. The first of the seven primary dimensions encompasses a broad variety of sun and star systems. The second and third primary dimensions are divided into three parts that are unilaterally combined and that encompass several galaxies and star systems. The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh primary dimensions comprise multiple complex and diverse galaxies, sun and star systems.

The Universe has a history of extreme weather patterns that are responsible for the incredible scenery of its uninhabited sectors. The force of nature has literally created an amazing mosaic of vibrant colors and shapes that are majestic in every sense of the word. One of the most remarkable components of the Universe is a group of rather large substances known as native elements. These are another of nature’s creations that inhibit the development of any kind of life. In essence the force of nature has negated its own ability to create life on many of the planets and stars affected by native elements it gave birth to.

Believe it or not the Universe has a number of planets very similar to our own with human inhabitants. The same can be said for Earth’s flora and fauna that exists on several planets and stars within the Universe. There are many other elements of this planet that are not unique to us and they include our wildlife and marine life.

There are many areas of the Universe that are beyond our reach however there will come a time when space travel will become a way of life for us. While this is a way off we should not give up our development of space technology.

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