Star Angel Tòc

Star Angel Tòc


Star Angel Tòc is one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe.  Star Angels are an elite group of angels who parallel the Archangels of the Universe. Tòc is 42 Earth years in appearance, 6’2″ tall with a medium complexion, brown eyes and shoulder length jet black hair. Tòc is usually seen wearing a white T-shirt, plain black waistcoat and blue jeans. Tòc is from a remote area of the Universe known as the illuminated zone so called because of its proximity to large star-like spheres that light up the sky for thousands of miles.  It is a sight to behold! Tòc’s origins are sacred.

Tòc is also a space engineer and scientist who specializes in astronomy, in particular space phenomena. Tòc speaks three different languages English, French and Vietnamese. Tòc believes that children should only be conceived out of love and devotion by people who are prepared to share the responsibility of raising them as God intended and that is with love, respect and integrity.

Tòc is passionate about music and is an accomplished musician. Tòc’s favorite instrument is the violin and I have often seen him playing it in my mind. He also loves to play the trumpet, mandolin and the cello.

Tòc is a significant part of the 2012 transition and will be working alongside Archangel Zé, Archangel François, Archangel Dorian, Star Angel Adam, Star Angel Cornelius and Archangel Cynthyà on multiple projects to do with the enlightenment process.

Primary Roles:   Principal Guardian Angel and Principal Mentor
Angel Group:     The Star Angels (click to view)
Reference:         The 2012 Transition
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