Archangel Mèdina

Archangel Mèdina


Archangel Mèdina is one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe. Mèdina is 26 Earth years in appearance, 6’0″ tall with vibrant green eyes and long jet black hair worn loose to her waist.  Mèdina usually wears a beautiful long flowing emerald green robe with a jewel encrusted band around her waist and gold sandals.

Mèdina comes from a planet called Mèllêá in a sun system not very far from our own.  Mèllêá is a beautiful planet with lush rain forests and spectacular circular mountain ranges.  It is also home to several unusual animal groups.

An encounter with angel Mèdina is significant and is one that is never forgotten.  Mèdina’s specific duty is to enter dreams to bestow wisdom upon those who have been chosen to receive it.  Mèdina has a variety of chambers she utilizes for dream encounters that are known as wisdom chambers.

An emerald green chamber is where special instruction is given to healers to enhance their healing abilities, a pale blue chamber is where special instruction is given to mediums to enhance their mediumship abilities and a light green chamber is where insight is given to scientists about future technology and advancements.  These are just some of many chambers Mèdina uses for instruction.

Mèdina works very closely with Árian angel Ária, Árian angel Ùriél and Qárian angel Sèráfin on assignments involving the integration of different civilizations in areas of the Universe that are overcrowded. Mèdina also works closely with Árian angels Michael and Gabriel on assignments that require knowledge of the Universe’s outer regions.

Mèdina will be an integral part of the 2012 transition and will take on several new duties requiring her expertise.

Primary Role:  Principal Savant
Angel Group:  The Pûréàn Angels (link to be added soon)
Reference:      The 2012 Transition 
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