Archangel Anthony

Archangel Anthony


Archangel Anthony is one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe. Anthony is 26 Earth years in appearance, 6’0″ tall with a tanned complexion, brown eyes and long brown hair. Anthony loves to wear tailored shirts and blue jeans. Anthony is from Erra, a small planet situated in the Constellation of Pleiades.

Anthony belongs to a beautiful group of angels known as the ‘Angels of Light’ many of whom are here for the 2012 transition. Anthony’s significant role in the transition will be written about in the history books as it involves the discovery of seven large luminaries (bodies of light) in the Constellation of Orion that pre-date the Universe. These luminaries that contain over one hundred prophecies were sent by our forefathers to mark the beginning of a new phase of the evolution of Mankind that will be known as the ‘Age of Enlightenment’. Anthony was the first human being to accurately interpret these prophecies that were sent to guide us through the most intricate shift of energy in the Universe since its creation.

Anthony is a gentle man who has always believed that in order to make a difference you must first identify what needs to be changed and then follow it through until completion.

Anthony has been specifically assigned to our planet to work alongside Árian Angels Michael, Gabriel, Daniel and David during the 2012 transition.

Primary Roles:  Principal Guardian Angel and Enlightenment
Angel Group:    The Pleiadean Angels
Reference:        The 2012 Transition

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