Archangel Cassandra

Archangel Cassandra


Archangel Cassandra is one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe. Cassandra is 38 Earth years in appearance, 6’2″ tall with a tanned complexion, olive-green eyes and shoulder length dark blonde hair. Cassandra loves to wear bright-colored tunics, ornate platinum jewelry and decorative hair clips.

Cassandra comes from a very large planet inside the Universe called Corinthia which is known for its outstanding natural beauty. Corinthia is also home to several exotic animal groups who live in nature reserves all over the planet. Cassandra is passionate about animal welfare and is best known for her work in wildlife sanctuaries across the Universe.

Cassandra is a talented artist who enjoys sketching pictures of wild animals and their offspring whenever she is working on nature reserves. Cassandra has a particular affinity with cats from the wild variety to the domestic kind that she also loves to sketch.

Cassandra is assigned as mentor to angel and star channelers throughout the Universe which is a role that she shares with fellow mentors Archangel Ária, Archangel Athena and Archangel Sèráfin during our transition to enlightenment.

Primary Roles:   Principal Guardian Angel and Principal Mentor
Angel Group:     The Corínthian Angels (to be added soon)
Reference:         The Age of Enlightenment

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