The Tytàns

The Tytàns


The Tytàns are an ancient civilization known for their love of animals and nature. They are also known for the myriad of crystal caverns found on their planet that extend for thousands of miles.  The Tytàns are spiritual people who believe there are multiple influences from across the Universe that contribute to their beliefs. The Tytàns believe there are four celestial gods who guide and protect them and that there are spirits who come from far and wide to share their infinite wisdom.

The Tytàns are an ancient civilization who live on a beautiful planet called Tyland situated in the outer regions of the Universe. Tyland was once known as Tytànnia however this was before it became a kingdom when it was decided by the royal family to change the name. Tyland is an idyllic place to live with majestic mountains, crystal clear oceans, pristine beaches, spectacular glaciers, lush tropical forests and extremely modern cities.

The Tytàns have medium complexions, jet black hair, beautiful cat-like eyes and philosophical minds. They prefer to wear long robes with intricate designs, elaborate jewelry and ornate shoes.

The Tytàns are responsible for creating one of the largest science laboratories ever built where scientists research the complex structure of the many components of space energy.

The Tytàns have contributed in many significant ways to the evolution of Humankind. They have also contributed to our history and have incarnated on this planet over several millennia. The Tytàns are the originators of the Siamese civilization.

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