The Adelphi

The Adelphi


This ancient civilization was among the first to arrive in the Universe. The Adelphi are not of human origin, they are an advanced form of humanoids whose appearance resembles ours.  They are a tall species, have fair, medium or dark complexions and eyes of many colors.  Their clothing consists of colorful long robes and tunics, gold or platinum head bands and rather unusual footwear.

The Adelphi hail from a star system approximately seventy five light-years from Earth on a small planet called Adelphus. This is just one of hundreds of planets that are in close proximity to ours.  Furthermore these planets can sustain life of any kind as their composition matches ours. This is very exciting because many of them will be discovered during our planet’s Transition to Enlightenment.

The Adelphi are master metaphysicians and are known for their advanced holographic technology. They inhabit large multi-level structures that resemble pyramids in shape with beautiful illuminated crystalline windows and holographic designs. The Adelphi use three-dimensional telepresence* systems as their main method of communication.  While others are are avaiable to them this method is their preference.

The Adelphi will be helping the the Azúrean Angels with two significant projects during our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ currently in progress.

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Note:  Telepresence systems are highly integrated multi-codec, multi-monitor, multi-microphone and multi-channel speaker systems. The objective of a telepresence system is to present interactive video and audio between locations with near life-like audio quality and with near life-size video images.

Artwork:  Artist Unknown

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