We as humans have entered a new era of spiritual awakenings and the number is unprecedented!  The reason for this is because we are going through a massive transition that began in January 2012 and that will last approximately six decades.

Spiritual  awakenings, also referred to as ascension, elevation of consciousness or enlightenment, are a precursor to a long-awaited phase for humanity that gives us insight into the mysterious and somewhat curious aspects of the Universe.  This is very significant as it validates the existence of an afterlife that is way beyond our current comprehension.

A spiritual awakening can be hard to identify as people are awakened in many different ways.  This can depend on their level of metaphysical comprehension and/or their religious beliefs.   It can also depend on a person’s ability to give guidance to others or to help those in need with honesty and integrity.

Spiritual awakenings can affect people differently and can be identified as follows:

1.  Unexpected ‘spells’ of anxiety, restlessness or sorrow when none are present.
2.  Inability to focus when concentration is usually not a problem.
3.  Periods of insomnia when sleep is not typically a problem.
4.  Increase in sense of awareness, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance or claircognizance.
5.  Sudden need to declutter your life (people, places or things).

It is very important to document your Spiritual Journey and so it is a good idea to keep a journal so that you can keep track of dreams, signs, visions and other such experiences.

Awakenings are typically conducted by Archangels whose sole assignment is to bring enlightenment to the people of this planet.  This process is done in multiple stages that can often last a lifetime.

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  • Oh wow what a wonderful way of telling us about the SPIRITUAL AWAKENINGS, and I love the way you have explained yourself also. Thank you once again for your honesty and integrity by our Archangels of the spiritual awakenings that we are going to expect in the near future.

    love Cindy Poulson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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