The Three Dimensions of Earth

The Three Dimensions of Earth


This planet is made up of three dimensions that are connected by energy tunnels. Each of the dimensions have their own geological composition and geographical configuration.

The third dimension of this planet is we where we live. This planet is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the Universe to live a life. Earth is known for its magnificent flora and fauna, beautiful oceans, majestic mountain ranges and its amazing history.

The second dimension of this planet is similar to the third dimension but much larger and is used as a point of transit through which we enter and depart this life. It is overseen by multiple groups of angels who are based there to ensure a safe transition for all people sent to live a life here.

The first dimension of this planet is the largest of the three dimensions and has a completely different geographical configuration to ours. The inhabitants of the first dimension are just like us, people of different ethnicities who live together in relative harmony.

The first dimension is where most people go after this life is over because it is their home. In other words most of us living a life here originally come from the first dimension of this planet.

We will learn more about Earth’s dimensions during our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment’ which is currently in progress.

Note: This chapter was channeled from Árian Angels.

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