The Spirit Guides

The Spirit Guides


This is a very significant chapter of this website as it introduces the official Spirit Guides of the Universe. More often than not they are also classified as Angels which means that they can have dual roles. Many of the Spirit Guides are not of human origin however because they are metamorphs (shape shifters) they often appear in human or animal form when seen.

There are over two hundred thousand Spirit Guides working in the Universe today many of whom are assigned to this planet. One of the main reasons guides are assigned to us is to help us follow our life path which, contrary to popular belief is chosen for us by our Guardian Angels before we come to this life.

The following are a few names of some of the Spirit Guides currently assigned to our planet:

1- Àìzà

2- Aphrodite

3- Apollo

4- Bear Cloud

5- Black Hawk

6- Crazy Horse

7- Gerônimo

8- Jàn

9- Karàn

10- Krishna

11- Kwan Yin

12- Lakshmi

13- Lakmè

14- Lûán

15- Maisie

16- Medusa

17- Ollie

18- Prèèah

19- Raven

10- Tallùlah

11- Tytànya

12- Tèá

13-  Ummùtù

14-  Vandella

15-  White Cloud

16-  White Eagle

17-  White Feather

18-  White Lotus

19-  Zèus

20-  Zudèya

These are the names of just a few of the Spirit Guides assigned to this planet.  I will be writing more about them on a future website dedicated to the Spirit Realms.

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