The Metamorphs (Shape Shifters)

The Metamorphs (Shape Shifters)


Metamorphs are people or animals whose original form comprises pure energy and who have the ability to change into any form they choose.  Also known as shape shifters, the majority of metamorphs in the Universe today choose to live their lives as humans.

Metamorphs are the only people in the Universe who are able to travel through multiple dimensions of time in energy form in order to avoid the constraints of physical encumberments. This means that metamorphs can cross dimensions quickly and effectively without any form of transportation whatsoever.

It is a little known fact that most Archangels are metamorphs. Some of the most significant Archangel metamorphs are as follows:

1. Archangel Ária

2. Archangel Athena

3. Archangel François

4. Archangel Gabriel

5. Archangel Hàdrìél

6. Archangel Kalim

7. Archangel Kàm

8. Archangel Mèdina

9. Archangel Michael

10. Archangel Sàndalphón

11. Archangel Ùriél

Another group of metamorphs that will soon become known to us are the Zòltárz. The Zòltárz represent some of the most beloved animals in our animal kingdom and are the only animals in the Universe who are metamorphs. The Zòltárz are a unique civilization who are not from the Universe originally. These wonderful beings travel the Universe to bring joy to everyone who sees them and to showcase their incredible morphing abilities that are second to none!

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