Spirit Energies (Ghosts)

Spirit Energies (Ghosts)


This is a very significant subject because spirits are seen in both the physical and ethereal form. This causes much confusion when attempting to identify spirit energies (ghosts).

In order to understand spirit energies you must first have knowledge of their origins. Since the dawn of time the energies of spirits have crossed dimensions in order to be seen by loved ones and unsuspecting individuals. Depending on the circumstances this can be a rather enlightening or frightening experience! Ethereal spirits are seen as transparent whereas physical spirits are seen with physical bodies that can be felt and touched just like regular human beings.

A spirit encounter is one of the most intriguing topics found in metaphysical discussions and is the subject of huge controversy all over the world. Only those who have seen them can attest to their existence. The problem with spirit energies is that they are often confused with Angels who also appear both in the ethereal or physical form. The ability to see spirits and Angels is another controversial topic viewed by many skeptics as impossible, however the number of people who have seen them far exceeds those who have not.

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