Psychic Whispers

Psychic Whispers


When you have a reading something wonderful happens a connection is made with the afterlife.  Your angels or spirit family talk to you through a channeler also known as a medium in order to convey messages to you, your family or your friends.  Psychic whispers are a form of transient disturbances that can sometimes interfere with information received by a medium or channeler while conducting a reading.  When this happens it can make the messages rather difficult to interpret which can affect the accuracy of the reading.

Psychic whispers can often occur when transient spirits ‘show up’ when someone is having a reading even if they are not connected to them and interfere with it which means that the original guidance becomes distorted making it difficult for mediums to hear their guidance clearly.   Then it is like ‘Chinese whispers’ and the messages could be completely different from what were intended.  So if the original guidance was “tell Mary I love her and that I am safe” the medium could end up hearing something like “tell Carrie I love her and I am Dave”.

Not all psychic whispers are negative, quite the contrary.  I was talking with a friend who also happened to be a medium.  She told me that she did not like doing readings in a public place because you never know who is listening.  She then went on to explain that she was having dinner at a restaurant with a friend one day when she started receiving messages. It was only natural to believe these messages were meant for her friend however her friend did not connect with any of them.  This was very frustrating because the messages kept coming through while they were eating.  Whoever it was giving her these messages was very insistent but her dinner companion had no idea what they were about or who they were from.  After a while a lady from the table next to her who had overheard the conversation approached my friend and said that she believed the messages were meant for her.  She knew who they were from and she thanked my friend for giving her much needed comfort.

People who ‘dabble’ in black magic, witchcraft or any other kind of paranormal activity, such as using Ouija boards or conducting séances to contact loved ones for example, could inadvertently evoke negative energies that can become attached to them.  So if you would like to receive messages from the afterlife it is best to seek the services of a reputable professional medium who can help you receive the validation you need.

In any event if you wish to communicate with the afterlife yourself always ask your Angels to guide and protect you so that they can keep you safe.

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