Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experiences


A near death experience is when someone enters another dimension in order to avoid certain death. In each case the person who is in danger of dying is rescued by angels and placed in another dimension in order to protect them from harm. While in another dimension the person is often drawn to a bright white light which is the protective energy of one or more of the angels present. This white light is usually mistaken for the ‘light’ that people believe they will see when it is their turn to leave this life or at the time of death.

Incidents of near death experiences occur all over the globe and are far more common than we realize particularly where surgical procedures are concerned. Individuals under anesthesia who have metaphysical abilities have the tendency to delve into areas of the brain where they can enter multiple dimensions in order to travel telepathically. During the time they are sedated they often see visions of future lives and feel an overwhelming urge to leave this life in pursuit of a better one. When this happens their angels have to stop them from making an unplanned exit from this life by letting them know that they must stay until they have completed their assignment here.

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