Nature Spirits

Nature Spirits


The origins of the nature spirits are unknown to Mankind because of their nomadic principles, meaning that they are constantly on the move. It is hard to imagine the life force that inhabits our planet’s natural habitats in spirit form. This amazing group of nature spirits are often referred to as ‘fairies’ or other such beings, when in fact they are in fact energies of nature that occupy multiple forms of physical or non physical bodies (as in the ethereal sense) at one time or another.

These intriguing spirits are often seen by unsuspecting individuals who believe them to be Angels as they usually appear as sylph like beings with translucent wings however this is not the case. Nature spirits are often seen in dreams and visions.

The reason for their presence on our planet is to perpetuate the energies of nature and not just here but wherever it is needed throughout the Universe.  We will learn more about the them during the course of this planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ currently in progress.

Note: This chapter was channeled from Árian Angels.

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