How Trapped Spirits Are Released

How Trapped Spirits Are Released


The process of releasing spirits from entrapment is one of the most misunderstood supernatural phenomena associated with ‘dying’.

It is a little known fact that spirits caught between dimensions can only be escorted home by their angels at the request of individuals trying to release them. What this means is whenever there is the need to remove spirits from places (or people) where disturbances occur it is important to ask for their angels to escort them home.

How trapped spirits are released from entrapment is an extraordinary one beginning with a shaft of white light that encompasses the spirits who float upwards until they are reunited with members of their family. The white light comprises pure angel energy that is generated by the angels escorting them home.

On January 30th, 2011 I was shown how spirits caught between dimensions are released. It was night time and I was sitting up in bed receiving instruction from my angels in the dark. I could see well because there was natural light coming through my bedroom window. My bedroom door was ajar. I saw several male spirits walking past my door but they did not enter my bedroom. I heard a female voice speak to me telepathically. She was not an angel but one of my elders and she told me that I was going to be shown how spirits are released from entrapment.

My bed faces a dressing table with a large mirror so I was able to watch the process clearly. First a white shaft of light shone down on me from the ceiling. I was told that the white light was pure angel energy. Next I saw a female spirit gravitate toward the light and enter it then float upwards until she was gone. This took but a few seconds to complete. Then I saw multiple spirits gravitate towards the light simultaneously, enter it and then float upwards until they were gone. The next thing I saw was a female spirit sitting behind me in bed. I felt a little uncomfortable and turned on my bedside light. My angels told me I was safe so I turned the light back off. Then I watched as the female spirit entered the light and floated upwards until she was gone.

I found the entire process fascinating to watch and never at any time did I feel afraid as my angels were talking me through every step.

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