Energy (Astral) Travel

Energy (Astral) Travel


To begin with I would like to explain the significance of energy travel. In its simplest format energy travel, which is often referred to as astral travel, is the way angels and people are transported from one dimension to another and from this dimension to a higher plane, in other words transdimensional travel. At its most complex format energy travel is used by angels and other beings to transport not only themselves, but entire groups of civilizations and their solar systems from one Universe to another. In the future energy travel will become commonplace and will replace some of our current methods of transportation.

There is another form of energy travel commonly called astral projection whereby an angel projects an image of a person, animal or objects to someone to be used as visual validation during a reading. The most controversial form of energy travel is when a life force leaves the body it inhabits to explore its surroundings without any physical constraints. This is an unstable state to be in and is not recommended.

The transcendental meditation technique allows the person using it to leave this dimension to enter another. This successful method of transiting through time to another dimension is another form of energy travel. The process involved is a very simple one and very rewarding when contact is made with the Angel and Spirit Realms. This is a remarkable form of communication once the technique has been mastered. This original form of meditation has been in existence for millennia.

Transitional energy projection is another controversial subject and one that is easily misunderstood. Transitional energy projection is whereby three guardian angels accompany a person undergoing the experience to another place in the Universe without physically leaving home. What this means in actuality is that you take a guided journey through space in energy form in order to be shown that there are in fact many different and sometimes unusual types of humans and other beings inhabiting the Universe. This kind of projection is usually conducted by our angels while we sleep.

There is another type of projection that is conducted under special circumstances that is unique to the person experiencing it. In this instance the person is seated in a comfortable place, with their eyes wide open, while their energy field is permeated by their angels’ energies. Then a visual process begins and the person is immediately transported into space escorted by a high ranking guardian angel who immediately removes all fears of flying through space. During this journey the person experiences all the sounds and sensations of space travel but without any trepidation or anxiety.

Reference:  Dimensions of the Universe

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