Spirit Realms

Spirit Realms


Spirit realms are a very complex subject but an extraordinary one due to their intricate and complex structure. They are divided into three groups each with multiple planes that are inhabited by humans and other species.

The first and most significant of the realms is situated in the outer regions of the Universe and is known for its many facets, complex composition and multitude of habitats.  This is the largest of them and is known as the illuminated zone because of its vast areas of bright energies called luminants that look like stars except they have a completely different composition.

The second largest of the spirit realms is situated inside the Universe and is home to multiple Angel groups including the Azúreans, the Fyrìáns and the Zòltàns.  This realm is known as the Azúrean Realm and is so named because of its founders the Azúrean civilization.

In addition there are numerous spirit realms scattered across the Universe that are inhabited by humans.  Each of these realms are overseen by Angels who are also responsible for their evolution.

In the not too distant future during our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ we will learn the true significance of the spirit realms and their extensive history.

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