Pleiadean children have incarnated on this planet for several millennia and were the third group of metaphysical children to arrive here. Pleiadean children while incarnated here can be identified as follows:

*  Medium complexions
*  Green or brown eyes
*  Jet black hair

Metaphysical abilities:

*  Spirit channelers
*  Energy healers

Pleiadean children are usually assigned a minimum of two guardian angels and two spirit guides.


Pleiadean Children are a phenomenal group of angels who come from a tiny planet called Eurèa situated in the Constellation of Pleiades.  Pleiadean Children have specific features that make them unique.  They have large bright eyes of multiple colors with long eye lashes, pointed ears and jet black hair. Their average height is 7’0″.

Pleiadean Children are powerful energy healers who utilize raw plutonium to eradicate breast, cervical and uterine cancer. Much of their time is spent researching methods to prevent cancer cells from forming and ways to remove the many genetic links that often cause them to develop. Pleaidean Children are among the most significant of the angel groups because of their contributions to the Universe and to Humankind.

Artwork by:   Bulgarian Artist  Maria llieva

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