When I first came to America I used to listen to the sound track of a film called “IF”. The music in question was a piece called ‘Kyrie’ from the album Missa Luba: Les Troubadours du Roi Bedouin which is an African choir. I connected with the song the first time I heard it and played it often. A few days ago after years of not hearing the song it entered my mind and I looked for it on You Tube. Much to my delight I found it. While listening to the music I had a vision of another place in time. I was on a stage of some sort facing hundreds of people all seated on the ground. There was a volcano in the distance on fire but we were far enough away from it to be in any danger. I noticed that all the people had long jet black hair and that many of them wore headbands. I also noticed that they all had a medium tan complexion. The people were singing and swaying to the same piece of music I was listening to and it felt wonderful.

I asked Archangel Vincent if this was one of my past lives and he said that it was. Vincent told me that it was a very happy life for me on a planet by the name of Nativa located in a remote corner of the Universe where life is very simple and money is of no consequence. In that life I was much loved by so many people.

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