On Monday, 1st December 2008 I woke up with a sense of foreboding. I had a brief dream about someone I knew in a past life of mine.  I felt the urge to start writing and then I realized a male voice was speaking to me.  His name was Jack.

Jack:  I did not realize the ship was sinking.  I had travelled the seas many times before and the fact that the ship was dangerously unstable, it was rocking backward and forward, did not bother me that much.  There were two passengers but I could not see their faces.  All I could feel was the ship swaying and I remember seeing the bow.  I could not see the water or the very large wave that was about to engulf the ship.

This voyage was doomed from the very start.  I was a young man aged 22. I’d had too much to drink otherwise I would have heeded the advice of my mother who begged me not to embark on this journey as I was an able-bodied seaman. My name was Jack.  My mother told me she’d had a dream about a sinking ship and that her only son was going to drown. She had been having these nightmares as she called them for three months before I signed on as a registered able-bodied seaman the night before I embarked on the ill-fated journey that would take my life.

I was assigned to this magnificent liner called ‘Titanic’. I was inebriated the night before the Titanic left Southampton.  My mother had made me promise I would not set foot on another ship again.  She was terrified history would repeat itself.  You see my father drowned at sea and left her alone to raise me, her only son.  I never gave much heed to my mother’s warnings.  I never believed them but now I wish I had.  You see I am trapped.  I am stuck here and nobody came to find me.

I am talking to the spirit of Jack.  My Angels are with me to guide me through this process as I have never spoken to a spirit telepathically before.

Please help me Cynthia.  I hear you are good at this.  They tell me you are an Angel.

Me:  Where are you Jack?

I don’t know Cynthia.  I am hoping you will help me find my way home to my mother.  I miss her so much.  I can hear her voice but I cannot see her.  Where is she?  Can you please tell her I miss her so much.  I am sorry to make you cry.  I am told I am your first paranormal client.  I am not sure what that means but I am told you will understand what that means.

Me:  Who is telling you that Jack?

I am sorry to cause you such sorrow.  I see your tears.  Please do not cry.  I do not like it when you cry.  I do not know where I am Cynthia.  Please help me.

Me:  Are you afraid Jack?

I don’t know where I am.  Please come and find me.  I am all alone.

Me:  I am going to help you Jack but it might take some time. How do you hear me Jack?

I hear you in my mind.

Me:  Can you see me Jack?

Not now. I see you when I sleep.  I am trapped.  I cannot get out.  I am stuck underneath something.  I took a blow to the head.

Me:  Is there anyone with you Jack?

No they are all gone.

Me:  Are there any bodies around you?

No they are all gone.

“Jack is my son from a past life in England.  He was always high spirited and was always very popular with the ladies.  I swear he had the devil inside him!  Cheeky – always up to no good, full of mischief and always doing something he ought not to.  He was always in trouble as a little boy.  I remember when he was only seven, he looked at me straight in the eye and told me he was going to marry a rich woman some day.  I asked him why and he said ‘never you mind’!”

Then I had a thought about earthbound spirits who were trapped between dimensions.  I asked my Angels if I could help them.  They told me I already have.  Jack is no longer trapped in the hull of the ocean liner Titanic.  I am not allowed to know where Jack is at the moment.  He is very upset as he wishes to be reunited with his mother.  I was his mother in Jack’s life.

Then I heard Jack’s voice again.

Will you help me find my mother?

Me: Yes I will help you find your mother Jack.

Thank you Cynthia.   Why are you being so kind to me?

Me: Because I want to help you Jack.

I miss her so much.  You remind me of her in so many ways.

“Jack disobeyed his orders not to leave home without his parents’ consent.  I always knew he would die young.”

Who are you? Are you my mother?  I heard you talking about my father.  I hated him for what he did to me.

I started feeling very nervous as Jack said that.

You are upsetting me.  Do you know my father?

Me:  Yes I do Jack.  I was married to him.

I don’t understand what you are saying.  You are not my mother!  Are you?  Please tell me are you my mother?

Me:  Yes I am Jack.  This is very difficult for me because I have no memory of you at the moment.  You see I live in the future.

Are you married to my father?

Me:  No I am not married.

Who are you talking to? (he could hear me asking my Angels questions about this unexpected past life conversation)

Me: I am talking to my Angels Jack.

I don’t understand.  Where am I?  Can you help me get out of here?

Before I could answer my Angels told me that he had ‘crossed over’ and was being reunited with his parents.

Copyright @ Cynthia A. Silk 2019.  All Rights Reserved.


  • This is an absolutely wonderful story and thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am sure it will comfort so many people to bring a conclusion to their dead ancestors. I hope more souls will come to those who can help them. xxxxx

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