In September 2017 as my lease renewal date was approaching I told my Angels that I hoped the rent would not go up as I really loved where I lived.  Not only that but I felt too tired to move.  They indicated that it would not increase.

I had felt all year that I had not finished moving in to my apartment and it dawned on me that I was spending most of my time in one section of it.  The kitchen, dining room and living room all faced the lake.   I used my dining room area as an office so I could see the ducks on the lake. Sometimes they would land on my patio and I loved to take pictures of then whenever they did.  This is where I spent most of my time.

I had not hung any of my pictures in the spare bedroom nor had I completed furnishing it.  Even my living room was incomplete as I only had one picture above the fireplace and that was it.   Whenever I was in the mood to add some art to the walls I could never decide which of my pictures I wanted to hang so none were.  My apartment was in a perfect spot and I loved it and yet something was missing.

About ten days  before my lease was due for renewal I contacted the leasing office to find out when they we going to send me my renewal options.  I was told soon and not worry about it.  Several days later I had not heard anything so I went online to see what the odds were of finding another apartment complex with a lake.  As I made the decision I had a vision of three ducks right above the dining room table. The vision was vivid and the ducks were larger than life.  I will never forget it.  I could almost touch them.

Much to my surprise there were several complexes with lakes in a neighborhood nearby, so on a whim I grabbed my keys and drove over to see what they were like.  It turns out I made the right decision and settled on two of them.  I was looking for what I already had which was a two bedroom apartment on the second floor with a garage facing a lake.  Unfortunately none were available  but I did not give up!    Suddenly I was on a mission to find a new home.

The one I thought I wanted never became available.   Instead I ended up choosing a mid-rise, an option I would never have considered before and rented a one bedroom apartment with a view of the lake as the two bedroom units were too expensive.  The mid-rise is a part of a small community comprising a small retail shopping center so I can walk to pretty much anything I need including Starbucks and a British  Pub 🙂

So, having not planned to move I did.  I had to compromise on space but this is how I see it:  I downsized to a spacious one bedroom apartment but upgraded to a much nicer home with a lake view and with far more amenities that I could ever have imagined.   As to the moral of this story ‘never say never’!

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Response to "NEVER SAY NEVER!"

  • Hi, my name is Tamera, I can relate to this story. My husband had a heart attack and we own the home, but could not afford so we downsize to a smaller place, and sold a lot of stuff before we move. But we are happy and content and thankful for what we have and that all that matters at this time, and of course our health.

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