Myths About Angels

Myths About Angels


Angels and their origins have been the subject of curiosity for millennia. Unfortunately so much of the information written about them is completely inaccurate.  One of the most common myths about Angels is that they do not have a physical form however this is not true. All Angels without exception have physical forms and most of them are human.

Many people believe that angels are a completely different species from humans. The fact is that the vast majority of angels in the Universe are human beings whose origins are similar to ours. This means that ultimately we all have the same Creator.

Angels have always been portrayed as beings with wings. In reality Angels do not have wings attached to their physical form however there are times when Angels appear in energy form with wings in order not to frighten the people they are visiting.

Another misconception about Angels is that they are neither male nor female. This is simply not true! Angels are either male or female just like we are.

Angels have been depicted throughout the ages carrying swords however they never have. Angels have never carried weapons of any kind nor do they have the need to.

It is said that Angels cannot be in more than one place at a time but they can, they are omnipresent.  Angels have the ability to replicate which enables them to be in multiple places simultaneously.

There are people who write about ‘fallen angels’ and their ‘evil deeds’. This is a complete fallacy. Angels are kind and compassionate people who are here to guide and protect us.

There is no ‘angel of death’. When we leave this life, we are escorted by Angels to another dimension where we are transitioned to a new life.

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