My Second Angel Encounter by Amy J. Beane

My Second Angel Encounter by Amy J. Beane

This angel encounter saved my life one afternoon on my way to work. This was a very soul moving profund experience for me and I will cherish it as long as I live.  In 1995, I was working at a school bus company. After my morning route, I had another bus run I did, and then came home about 11AM. Then about 1:00 PM, I went back and picked up the kids and then took them home. It was at this time at 1:00 in the afternoon that this took place. We lived in a Mobile Home Park off a very busy highway.To leave the Park and enter the highway was at times very tricky, especially during the times of 1:00 in the afternoon. There was just so much traffic to watch for. Both ways cars were coming, I found an opening and zoomed out into the line of traffic.I hurried up and got my speed up to 55 as the traffic behind me caught up. there was a long line of traffic on my left, coming up to me. just then a big black car darted out into my lane to pass the line of cars in the on coming lane facing me.

I knew there was not enough time for him to pass before we were to meet and crash head on!! I tried to slow down, but things were moving too fast ! I couldn’t think! I tapped my brakes several times, it helped, but not enough. At 55MPH you can not just slam on the brakes, not with all the traffic I had behind me..seconds ticked off,I didn’t know what to do!! I saw both my hands on the steering wheel in front of me, I said out loud “I’m Dead!”55 was way too fast to just leave the road to avoid a head on collision! My kids faces jumped into my mind! I was going to miss them! but I was very calm, not scared at all. I surrendered, I knew this was it

I felt very dream like, and like things were moving very slow. Just then I felt my car kind of jerk and slow down, there was just a small gap to my left, just big enough for that black car to zip infront of the on coming car , and keep on moving.Wow! I couldn’t believe it! I was moving at a much slower rate of speed now. Both my hands were still on the wheel, I pushed the accelerater, and nothing happen except that my engine revved a little. My automatic gear shift was on a counsel between the bucket seats. I looked down, my car was in neutral!!!! How???

I don’t know, I can only speculate. I know for a fact I didn’t do it ! both of my hands were on the wheel at all times, I remember seeing them. Besides I didn’t know you could throw a car going 55MPH in neutral!!! maybe into a lower gear, but not into neutral. If I had knew that I would have done it myself..Someone was watching over me, and I know moved that gear shift into neutral. I never touched it !.. but it saved my life, it slowed my car down enough for that black car to slip in just in time in front of the oncoming traffic.The accident would have been very bad, with all the traffic behind me, right on my bumper. And with the on coming traffic.I think there would have been more then one death that day. It would have been a pile up.I put my car in Drive and went on, but had to pull off the road a little while later, I just literally fell apart! What had happen back there? WHAT???? somebody I could not see moved my gear shift!Somebody watching over me!! An Angel?

I have thought about this day many times, and have told anyone who cared to listen. and each time I tell it I am very moved, I cry.Because it was just so awesome!.. I had no doubts in my mind that day, I knew I was going to die, but I was not scared at all. I was very calm. and I can not get over the feeling of the calm dreaminess that enveloped me in the car..and the feeling that time stood still But I didn’t die, Some one saved my life!! My Guardian Angel?
That’s what I have come to think, or maybe it was my dad, who I was very close to. who ever it was, decieded it was not time for me to go.
This memory, I will forever cherish! My life was spared Thank You…………..

‘My Second Angel Encounter’ by Amy J. Beane

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