My Angel Story by Christine Fletcher

My Angel Story by Christine Fletcher

I have believed in Angels for quite a few years now, I talk to them everyday for help for all kind of things. My Dad died a year gone October . Dad was in hospital in a side ward behind the nurses desk. In the room was myself my brother, husband and lifelong friend Sandra . My husband was sitting next to the window Sandra at the bottom of the bed. Me and my brother were sitting at opposite sides of the bed holding Dad’s hand. I had a small angel figurine which I held in dad’s hand. As he held the angel I kept saying over and over in my mind, Ark Angel Gabriel please help Dad on his journey get him safe on his journey.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see my husband getting agitated and looking around, at one moment he said where is that music coming from, Sandra said she could also hear music. I did not take notice as I was concentrating on Dad. I immediately started to take notice when all of a sudden with a confused look on his face said it’s harps . Sandra said the music sounded like church music rejoicing . We searched the room I asked the nurses to come in and they looked around the room but could not explain the music . No one but my husband and Sandra heard the music but I totally believe them. I’m only confused , why them and not us to. They said the music went on for hours and moved from the wall to above the bed. Months later my husband and I were watching the Voice on TV a girl was playing the harp I looked at my husband and said was that what you heard in Dad’s hospital room he nodded and said yes. I know to this day the Angels heard me and did help Dad on his journey . I feel so blessed.

‘My Angel Story’ by Christine Carol Fletcher.

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