My Angel Experiences by Ann DeLong

My Angel Experiences by Ann DeLong

Hi my name is Ann.  First of all I am someone who has never believed in angels, signs or validations, I really never understood or new anyone that did.  The first thing I would like to talk about is what has happened to me since June 30th of 2013. My mother was diagnosed with kidney cancer in October of 2012 and a few months later my dad was told he had stage four colon cancer.  I felt my life was falling apart, my parents who I adored and were my best friends were going to die.  In the mean time I knew I was sick but I didn’t go see the dr until my mom passed away.

One day when I was sitting in my parents livingroom with them and my siblings I said to them I always wanted to go and see a medium so if something happens to one of us lets all think of a name and if you go before me I will seek out a medium to see if they mention your name and if they do I will believe.

Well when my mom passed away I fell apart, I didn’t know where to turn, until one day I found a group on Facebook and to my surprise Cynthia Silk was the admin for this group, and it was nothing about mediums or angel channelers, but later I found out that she was. We became friends in this group and one day she said to me can I call you, and I said sure, well that’s when my life changed as soon as we started talking. Cynthia asked me if I go out side and look at the sky at night and do I see a shining star, and that’s when I broke down and cried, because that’s what my mother named herself shining star and Cynthia told me validation. My mom came through to let me know that she was ok, I felt such peace and I felt so close to my mom after that.

Since then I have felt her presence all the time, I would sit out on my porch and see red cardinals, yellow butterflies and even white feathers. I have seen angels in the sky, I have imprints of angel wings on my doors in my bedroom. I get scents of her perfume every once in a while and I can’t tell you what that means to me.

My father passed away November 30th 2014, and for that year he was battling his cancer while I was and still am battling my own cancer. I have had four cancers in one year. Through my surgery’s nothing stopped me from going to see my dad has much as possible. When my mom was in the hospital I had gotten her a bear that sang ‘I believe in angels’ and she played it and I could still see the look in her eyes, she was so much at peace because she believed, and she was so brave for us kids and for my dad, but she held on to that bear because she knew she was going to heaven and that bear was meant to be there with her.

Well I brought the bear home with me but I was told by my angels to bring it to my dad because this would help him too. I used to talk to my dad about angels and God and he started to believe more and more everyday, he would go outside 3:00 in the morning and look for that shining star and he would see one everyday and for that minute my dad would smile. My parents were married 56 years and he promised my mom he would fight for us kids and his grandchildren and he did, but he missed her so much he was never the same. There were a lot of bad days for my dad but some good days.  I would give him validations of my mom, most of the validations had come from Cynthia, but I have myself seen so many things now.

I have my guardian angels all around me and they were with my dad.  Two days before my dad passed away he was in his bedroom laying on the bed, and my sister had a monitor a camera so we could see him in his room, well all of a sudden it was like fire works going off, my family didn’t believe what the were seeing, so we all went into his room, and there were so many orbs, there were shooting lights going across the room there was lights coming out of a picture of Jesus into my dad, we had vibrations that was shaking his bed. I knew what was happening, I asked my mom if she was here to give us a sign and lights would go off, so this is just part of my story, but I want people to know that you have to believe because angels do exist I have witnessed them myself and if it wasn’t for Cynthia Silk I would not know where I would be today.

‘My Angel Experiences’ by Ann DeLong.

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