My Angel Experience by Judy Repsher-Kantor

My Angel Experience by Judy Repsher-Kantor

June16, 2002 my wedding anniversary and Fathers day all in one day. Phone rings its mommy and she’s crying her brother Melvin just past away 6am sometime around there. Mean time my dads in hospice with lung cancer. Hours later from visiting moms family. Another call comes thru from my brother screaming daddys not gonna make it. Mom drives all of us kids and grandpop to daddy. Just a few hrs later then send my poor mo. And brothers and sister and family home. I refuse to leave and stay. I was scared I didnt understand and I didn’t want to lose the only man that was my unstoppable strongest super dad! Nurse asked me to leave and said if I cant walk my dad to the end I had to walk away. So I crawled up in bed with him we were head to head. I cried and told hi. As much as I could to let him leave in peace. And at that moment I prayed my heart out to god to give me courage and strength.  Before I knew it everything went calm the ceiling disappeared and I saw the most beautiful angels reaching out and calling dad home and they were singing.

The sky was gorgeous blue with clouds. And my voice change as I spoke to dad. I wanted to yell and say no don’t leave me but I couldn’t cause I knew it was ok. He would be with god and his angels. So I looked up to the one angels and they nodded it was time for my father to let go of his baby girl hand and to be free. So I told dad its time they are waiting so take there hands and they will take you to heaven. I look into daddys eyes and said my last goodbyes. That is when he took his last breath. Yes I believe in god and yes I believe in angels.

‘My Angel Experience’ by Judy Repsher-Kantor.

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