My Angel Experience by Elliot Wright

My Angel Experience by Elliot Wright

Elliot WrightThere was one time when I was dead asleep. For some reason I suddenly became aware of what was going on while still sleeping and with my eyes closed… I saw a yellow orb of light flying around for a good while until the light suddenly enveloped everything I could see. Then the light changed again into the shape of a hand and at this time I couldn’t move either (sleep paralysis) and it began to touch me in the back. When it did I eventually saw a bearded man wearing some sort of robe sitting at the foot of my bed as he was the one who was patting me on the back but when he did so it was so calming. He was saying something as well but I could not make out what he said but whatever it was it helped because previously before this time I had been feeling angry and rage all over. Eventually the man covered in yellow light left the same way he came. When I awoke I knew that something had happened even though there was no evidence of it.

It was only till recently I had thought that maybe it was Archangel Gabriel as the citrine stone represents him and that’s my birth stone which is yellow. So I don’t know… But I do find it interesting.

‘My Angel Experience’ by Elliot Wright

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