My Angel Encounter by Noah Silva

My Angel Encounter by Noah Silva

Hello Cynthia, my name is Noah I’m 25. I was born 9/27/1989.  3 years ago I used to work for a landscaping company and our job was to cut and maintain the grass at graveyards. At one of the cemeteries there was an angel statue and I rushed every time we had to clean that graveyard because I wanted to be the one to clean the grass around the angel statue, I made sure the grass was cut really good and everything.  I would talk to the statue and pray while I was cutting the grass. Then one day out of the corner of my eye I saw this white light angelic figure it was behind me but as soon as I turned around to see it clear I saw when it disappeared and saw it move its wings. I felt something so beautiful I can’t explain it. I hope you read this message.

‘My Angel Encounter’ by Noah Silva

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