A metaphysical child is someone who is clairsentient, clairvoyant or clairaudient and who has the ability to communicate with angels and/or spirits.  These are also known as ‘psychic children’.

Children often tell their parents about ‘invisible’ friends who talk to them or even play with them and this can sometimes be misunderstood.  The chances are that these children are seeing spirits or angels who look as real to them as any other person would.   Many children who have metaphysical abilities also sense the presence of paranormal energies that can affect their demeanor, concentration or sleep.  In addition these children may suffer from headaches or fatigue.

One of the interesting things about children with metaphysical abilities is their extraordinary sense of perception which is really remarkable given their age.  These children can tap into any kind of energies including those of people whose emotional torment is elevated and also those of people suffering with intense physical discomfort.

Metaphysical children often have the tendency to believe that they are different from other children because of their ability to see and hear paranormal phenomena which is sad because they should be made to feel special and privileged.  In summary metaphysical children are crucial to the spiritual evolution of this planet! 

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