I was asleep, but woke up abruptly. No sound had awoken me, but a presence, a presence with an urgent message. I sat up and turned my head to see into the living room. I saw the outline of a person, but no clear features, just “snow”, like when your TV has lost its connection.I closed my eyes to meditate, and heard a male voice say:” your grandfather has passed”. I said OK, not knowing what to do with this information, but thanked him for letting me know. Then he was gone. I looked at the time, it was around 9am, but I did not want to call my mom and let her know what I had just been told! I went about my day, till my dad called me at 3pm to tell me Granddad had passed. All I could say was, yes I know and I’ll come over right away. I am not sure whether it was my guide or my grand dad who came, but it was a pleasant and calm experience.   Charlotte.

‘Message From The Spirit Realms’ by Charlotte Kordel

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