Hello my name is Ana and this is my story on a visit from spirit. I’ll shorten the story. I was seven months pregnant with my second daughter from my hubby when he was ill. Turned out he had brain cancer and he was only thirty-five, I was thirty years old. I didn’t know he was terminally ill but my family knew and his friends also. They kept the news from me because I was expecting the baby soon. I had him under hospice care at home because I gave birth to my daughter and I wanted him near me. Well…hospice care took him to their hospital because he took a turn for the worse. That night I went to bed and suddenly woke up and to the right of my bed I saw sprinkles of lights and I was amazed. The next morning I received the call to rush because he was having trouble breathing but by the time I got there, he was already gone. He did pass that night, they just didn’t let me know because I was alone with my baby. I then realized he paid me a visit.

‘Message From My Husband’ by Ana Liceaga

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