The art of Meditation when used properly is a method through which people can control their thoughts by entering a relaxed state that enables them to communicate with their guides, angels and spirit realms. This means being able to clear the mind of distractions and to elevate sensory perception in order to enter another dimension.

Meditation is not unique to our planet and is commonly used all over the Universe. This ancient art benefits anyone who masters it. Meditation techniques vary according to personal preference and are also a wonderful way to create an environment in which to relax and to escape from the stresses of the day. It can also be used to reduce and even remove pain.

A little known fact about meditation is the energy it takes to do it successfully. In order to enter a complete meditative state the body must absorb a great deal of inner power generated by the flow of energy between the brain and its energy centers. While this sounds rather complicated it is actually a very simple process.

Reference:  Simple Meditation Technique

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