1.    How much are your readings?  You can find the reading prices in the Readings & Fees link.

2.   How do I book a reading?   Please click on the Appointment link to book and pay for your reading.

3.    How do I pay for a reading?  Please click on the Appointment  link to book and pay for your reading.

4.    Can I pay for a reading with cash?  I do not accept cash.  All readings must be purchased through PayPal.

5.    What type of reading should I choose?  This is entirely your decision!  Please review the Readings & Fees link for details.

6.    Can I bring a friend to sit with me during my reading?  I prefer to conduct my readings in private with only the person having the reading present. There is a separate room where your friend can wait while you have your reading.

7.    Can I record my reading?  You are welcome to record your reading. I also recommend that you bring a notepad to take notes.

8.    Will I be able to ask questions during the reading?   You are welcome to ask questions during your reading.

9.    How much notice is required to book an appointment?  I require at least 24 hours’ notice to schedule an appointment.

10.  Is there any difference between having a reading in person, by telephone, Facebook or on Skype? The reading will be exactly the same whether it is done in person, by telephone, Facebook or on Skype.

11.  Do you do readings using Skype Video Chat?  I use Skype Voice Chat or Instant Messenger Chat for readings.   I do not use Skype Video Chat.

12.  I do not live in the USA how will the reading be conducted?  If you do not live in the USA the reading will be conducted on Skype (Voice Chat or Instant Messenger) or Facebook Instant Messenger.

13.  I do not have Skype.  Do you offer any other options?  You can download Skype at  Skype to Skype calls are free.  I have recently added private readings on Facebook (Instant Messenger).

14.  Do you do readings by email?   I no longer do readings by email just in person, by telephone or on Skype.

15.  What information do you need from me before you do my reading?  All I need is the information indicated on the appointment request form.  I do not need anything else

16.  I am disabled and live in the Houston area.  Can you come to my home to do my reading?  If you prefer to meet in person I will go to your home.  The minimum reading time is one hour and  depending on where you live a  travel surcharge may apply.  Please contact me for details.

17.  I am hearing impaired can you still do a reading for me?

Yes I can do your reading using Skype Instant Messenger Chat.  Please visit the Skype website  at for more information if you are unfamiliar with it.  I can also do your reading on Facebook (Instant Messenger).  In all cases readings are private.

18.  Can you contact someone who has passed during a reading ?  I cannot guarantee that a specific loved one will be present during a reading however your Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides will give  you some information on anyone in spirit who is unable to be present.

19.  Can I purchase a reading as a gift for a friend or a relative?  You can purchase a reading as a gift for a person of your choosing.

20.  Do you do readings for children?  I will do readings for children as long as a responsible adult (parent or relative) is present.   A picture ID of the responsible adult is  required at time of reading.

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