Flùvian Children

Flùvian Children


Flùvian Children are known across the Universe for their extraordinary star channeling abilities and for their beautiful minds.  The Flùvian Children are angels of the highest order and are an integral part of our planet’s Enlightenment Transition and this is because of their powerful metaphysical abilities.  Flùvian Children will begin incarnating on this planet in 2019.

Flùvian Children can be identified as follows:

*  Medium to dark complexions
*  Blue, brown or green eyes
*  Auburn, brown or black hair

Metaphysical abilities:

*  Angel channelers
*  Star channelers

Flùvian Children are always assigned a minimum of three guardian angels, all of whom are Flùvian Angels.


Flùvian Children are extremely intelligent group of metamorphs who come from a large planet called Flùvia situated in the outer regions of the Universe. Flùvia is a beautiful planet with vast mountain ranges and dense forests that can be seen all the way from space. Flùvian Children have pale to medium complexions, blue, brown or green eyes and auburn, brown or black hair with an average height of 6’2″. They prefer to wear ornate tunics adorned with intricate jewelry and rather unusual footwear.

Flùvian Children invented a rather complex form of communication using hand signs that they use while on assignments across the Universe. These signs were developed so that they could communicate with each other during mandatory periods of telepathic transmission blackouts.

Reference:    The Age of Enlightenment
Artwork by:   Bulgarian Artist  Maria llieva

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