Alien Species Mythology

Alien Species Mythology


The Grays used to be a group of ancient extraterrestrials who were devoid of emotions and who felt no physical pain. They traveled the Universe with the intention of discovering new alien species so they could learn about them. Once a discovery was made they began teleporting select individuals to their vessel located in another dimension where they were examined thoroughly. Once the examination was completed the individuals were teleported back to wherever they were taken from. Time was ‘blacked out’ for these individuals so they would have no sense of how long they had actually been taken.  Their clocks could not be relied on as time was not measured by Earth time but by the time in the dimension they were taken to which is completely different from ours.

The reason the Grays are included in this chapter is because it is believed that they still exist however they do not. They were totally eradicated by Angels and the Alpha Centaurians.

The Reptilians also known as Altairians, Chameleons, Lizard People or Reptoids to name but a few.  There is a story behind the Reptilians and it is not one of death, destruction or an invasion of this or any other planet. The Reptilians ‘became known’ after a cataclysmic event that took place  many centuries ago on another planet when a very dangerous asteroid collided with it and put a hole right through it.  The planet was severely damaged and only a third of its inhabitants survived the collision. However it was not very long before the planet became contaminated with dangerous toxins making it virtually impossible to sustain life.  Those who had survived became deformed beyond recognition and this is where the myth about the so called ‘reptilians’ began.  By the time help arrived at the planet it had become a toxic wasteland  However they did what they could to look for any sign of life and when they did they found an area with with hideous looking ‘creatures’ that were once humans scattered all over the place.  Not one of them survived.  The scientists who found them took hundreds of pictures of the former inhabitants and the remainder of the planet which was later destroyed.

Since then measures have been taken to destroy these asteroids long before they become a threat.  At some point in time there will be a book written about it and other such incidents along with some of the images that were taken.

The Nordic are actually the ancient Pleiadeans who are no longer in existence.  They were humans and not humanoids as is often written.  They were never a dangerous species but they were not permitted to travel beyond their domain and were chastised whenever they did so by Angels who patrol our planet.

Many of the other so called ancient aliens such as ‘the tall whites‘ and ‘the greys‘ do exist however the names of these groups are incorrect and will be written about under their correct names in a future chapter of this website under ‘The Ancient Aliens‘.

Note: This chapter was channeled from Árian Angels, Azúrean Angels and Alpha-Centaurians.

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