Creation of Species

Creation of Species


This section of my website examines the creation of species and their diversity.  While a complex subject it is one of great interest to those who seek to make contact with life beyond our planet.  The suggestion that we are the only humans in the entire Universe is unimaginable to so many, not to mention any other form of species who also inhabit it.  The question is where do they all come from and how did they get here?  Not just in our Universe but those that surround it!

All species are classified according to their origins and composition.

Androids: robots with a human or humanoid appearance.

Anthropoids: somewhat resemble humans in form or behavior only.

Deyadsdivine beings who somewhat resemble humans.

Elphins: are tiny creatures with pointed ears that we call ‘elves’.

Hominids:  are the earliest form of human beings.

Humans: are the greatest of all species in existence today.

Humanoids: resemble humans in appearance only.

Sprites: are tiny fairy-like creatures with wings that resemble humans.

Sylphs: are a sub-species of Humans.

In the chapters to follow I will address the many ways in which life is created and how it evolves.

Note: This chapter of my website was channeled from Árian Angels, Azúrean Angels and Xètán Angels.

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