Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Here are some of the reading reviews I have received over the past few years including Best Psychic Directory and Facebook.

Posted 21 February 2019 (Best Psychic Directory / Psychic Advisor)

From:  Transaction Id 4134730 on February 21, 2019
Service: Angel Channeler & Psychic Medium
Advisor Ratings:

Professionalism: Extremely Satisfied
Subject matter expertise: Extremely Satisfied
Communication ability: Extremely Satisfied

User Comments: Nice lady and funny
Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely

Posted 02 February 2019 (Best Psychic Directory / Psychic Advisor)

From: Transaction Id 4116419 on February 02, 2019
Service: Angel Channeler & Psychic Medium

Advisor Ratings:
: Extremely Satisfied
Subject matter expertise: Extremely Satisfied
Communication ability: Extremely Satisfied

User Comments: Connected very quickly and was very detailed and accurate.
Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely

Posted on 14 December 2018 by Steve Varga (Facebook Reviews)

Cynthia has been guiding me at one of the most trying times of my life, her guidance has been most reassuring and she really does care about each and every person she helps. Her kindness and patience has been a real life saver. I’m not sure where I would be right now without knowing she is there in my corner. She has truly been sent to me by angels, nothing is a coincidence, i believe she was meant to cross my path. I thank God we had a chance to cross paths.

Posted on 30th October, 2018 (Best Psychic Directory / Psychic Advisor)

From: Transaction Id 4039971 on October 30, 2018
Service: Angel Channeler & Psychic Medium

Advisor Ratings:
Professionalism: Extremely Satisfied
Subject matter expertise: Extremely Satisfied
Communication ability: Extremely Satisfied

User Comments: Thank you again for the insightful reading
Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely

Posted on 14th October, 2018 (Best Psychic Directory / Psychic Advisor)

From: Transaction Id 4025541 on October 14, 2018
Service: Angel Channeler & Psychic Medium

Advisor Ratings:
Professionalism:  Extremely Satisfied
Subject matter expertise: Extremely Satisfied
Communication ability: Very Satisfied

User Comments: Wow! Called because I was having something strange going on in my house, I thought it might be a loved one who passed. I never told her what was happening or who I thought it was. She identified the object and the person who I thought it was. She is crazy good! Accent a bit tough to understand at times but she is kind and gracious.

Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely

Posted on 7th July,  2018 (Best Psychic Directory / Psychic Advisor)

From: Transaction Id 3934713 on July 07, 2018
Service: Angel Channeler & Psychic Medium

Advisor Ratings:
Professionalism: Extremely Satisfied
Subject matter expertise: Extremely Satisfied
Communication ability: Extremely Satisfied

User Comments: Very amazing reader. Very patient and loving. Answers my questions and delivers messages from my guides that need to be heard.
Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely

From: Transaction Id 3934713 on July 07, 2018
Service: Angel Channeler & Psychic Medium
Advisor Ratings:

Professionalism: Extremely Satisfied
Subject matter expertise: Extremely Satisfied
Communication ability: Extremely Satisfied

User Comments: Very amazing reader. Very patient and loving. Answers my questions and delivers messages from my guides that need to be heard.

Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely

Posted on 9th June, 2018 (Best Psychic Directory / Psychic Advisor)

From: Transaction Id 3910319 on June 09, 2018
Service: Angel Channeler & Psychic Medium
Advisor Ratings:

Professionalism: Extremely Satisfied
Subject matter expertise: Extremely Satisfied
Communication ability: Extremely Satisfied

User Comments: Wow wow wow. Cynthia is amazing. She answered my question in detail then picked up on all aspects of my life I didn’t even ask about. She got each aspect spot on. I can’t thank her enough for the reading. Amazing!!!
Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely

Posted on 24 February 2018 by Amber Graves (Facebook Reviews)

This woman right here she the truth I have had readings but never this clear she confirm everything that I was needing confirmation and more.

Posted on 8 December 2017 by Angela Comfort (Facebook Reviews)

She answered my question with accuracy and one of the things that she said was coming to pass is about to happen! She said she sees a change of address and nearly a week later I got approved for an apartment I’ve been waiting for. She had no idea I even applied for the apartment! Thank you so much� I look forward to the rest of the things that are supposed to come for my future!�

Posted on 14 October 2017 by Mary MacInnis (Facebook Reviews)

Cynthia is amazing. God has blessed her gave her the powers to read Spiritual readings. I believe in Angels.

Posted on 8 August 2017 by Bridgette Love (Facebook Reviews)

Cynthia A. silk gave me one of the most incredible readings ever. I have had a reading before, but this reading was one of the most in-depth readings I have had.  She knew personal information about me or should I say soul deep information about me that no one knows about me. The information she gave me was soul tingling.  I did not give her any information about me. Cynthia was able to read my spirit.  The best reading I have ever have. Thank you Cynthia.  Many blessings. Bridgette Love.

Posted on 22 April, 2017 by Kim Mazella (Best Psychic Directory)

I had two readings with Cynthia in August 2016. Both times she gave me the same exact answers. I wanted her to be wrong- several other trusted readers had given me the answer I wanted to hear. In the end- SHE WAS 100 PERCENT RIGHT. About everything. Literally I could go down the list of things that she told me and say “correct” about every outcome. I am blown away. In the end, I am so happy she was right, but I did not know I would feel this way seven months ago! She is amazing!! TY!!

Posted on 26 June, 2017 by Sage McKenna (Best Psychic Directory)

Where to even start? She blew me away right from the beginning without me saying anything. I feel at peace knowing what I know now. I’m excited and anxious for my future. All n all it was beyond my favorite readings. Very gifted and friendly. She brought up things without asking questions I love that. I cant wait to have another reading and share her to other people to help! <3

Posted on 20 November, 2016 by Shirley Cooley (Best Psychic Directory)

I’ve spoken to Cynthia twice. The first time I had specific questions about my family that crossed over before me. Actually, she is quite amazing! She knew people’s names and subjects there is no way she could have known. I am planning to make an appointment again real soon! The second time I was asking for a friend. That is difficult, I believe, because she’s not actually communicating directly with them. That was my mistake. She’s quite remarkable!

Posted on 16 October, 2016 by ‘Silver Lynx’ (Afterlife Connect)

An eye-opening experience …
Cynthia is such an amazing, compassionate and gifted medium. We questioned her about the tragic and violent death of a deceased loved one and she immediately provided us with information. This was the first time that we had approached a professional to assist in deciphering this puzzle which, to our amazement, truly appeased some concerns. Cynthia provided specific details which helped us gain a better understanding during the early stages of the case. I am confident that she will guide us in finding closure through what is yet to be revealed behind the mystery surrounding this unfortunate death. Thank you Cynthia for all your help and support during this difficult time. Much love xx

Posted by Shea Herlihy-Abba on 23 September 2016 (Afterlife Connect)

Simply Incredible!  Cynthia was easily one of the best mediums I’ve had the privilege to experience. Not only did she receive pinpoint accurate information, she also gave spot-on life advice that has led me to a much better place. Additionally, Cynthia helped me to reconnect to my own spiritual gifts. Thanks to her, I am now a practicing medium and spiritual healer! And last (but not least), Cynthia was polite, collected, cool, respectful, and kind. She’s a people person with a great attitude, who encourages growth, self-care, and fulfillment. Worth every penny, and so much more.

Posted by Betty Crabtree on 11 April, 2016 (Best Psychic Directory)

Cynthia is remarkable! Her readings have been both accurate and informative! I have also attended her Angel Channeling classes wherein she has become a great mentor to me. She has assisted in helping me develop my own psychic medium abilities. as a result, I have begun to read clients of my own. Cynthia has a peaceful and loving manner and I always feel uplifted and as if I’ve been on a restful vacation after having a reading with her. Warmest wishes, Dearest Cynthia!

Posted by Susan Astorino on 17 March, 2016 (Best Psychic Directory)

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome reading last week. The reading was very helpful as well as very healing. I am now less doubtful of what guidance/visions I am given. The session was a huge confidence builder for me. It has helped me to step out of the box that I have been in for way too long. I still have some work to do before I can say “I’m there”, but with your reading it has helped me to build my confidence in my gifts and use them as they are meant to be used: to heal. Thank you!

Posted on November 9, 2015 by Jim Lowe (Famous Psychic Mediums)

I have worked with Cynthia Silk several times over the last year. Each time its involved business. I am an entrepreneur. This last time I have to say I was absolutely shocked at how specific Cynthia was able to get. She literally solved a complex problem that no one not even our Phd’s could solve. She was not interested in charging me for several additional calls relating to this issue. Again what was amazing was this unique skill set of hers: true psychic, business minded, problem solving, huge initiative and a nurturing interest to follow up. Thank you Cynthia! Jim L.

Posted on September 7, 2015 by Kelly Reilly (Best Psychic Directory)

I just got a reading with Cynthia and had to write about this Awesome Experience!!! First of all, I have to say she is professional and genuine. I was also like many of the clients here, blown away with the information that she gave me. She was able to tell me things about myself that no one knows, other than me and I certainly didn’t have to tell her anything. I would highly recommend a reading with her as she is able to truly connect with The Other Side!!!

Feedback received by email on February 2, 2015 from David Maclean (

Hi Cynthia:  You truly are a gifted psychic who’s words channel divine guidance that can mean so much. I felt a loving heart behind the words you shared with me that awakened moments of truth and compassion. You are love.  David M.

Posted on January 3, 2015 by Deana Pena (Best Psychic Directory)

Cynthia your reading blew me away. From the moment the session started truth after truth after truth flowed through you! I have yet to meet a channel as clear as you! You have honed your gifts and those who are blessed to come across your path are in for a treat that will leave them buzzing afterwards! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your gifts w/us. I look forward to working w/you more. Wishing you blessings beyond belief! Deana

Posted on October 15, 2014 by Danielle Long (Best Psychic Directory)

500 characters is not enough to truly describe my reading with Cynthia. After a year of ignoring my angels guidance to see Cynthia I finally threw my hands in the air and went for a 30 minute reading that turned into an hour. Cynthia was amazing. She knew about dreams I had as a child and so many other things that wouldn’t be possible without my angels. She is also full of positive and warm energy which means a lot to my intuition. I will definitely be seeing her soon. Lots of love!

Posted on October 8, 2014 by Deborah Fochler (Best Psychic Directory)

Loved my reading from you. Just validated what my heart and soul already knew. Will most likely get another reading soon to delve deeper. You are amazing.

Posted on October 5, 2014 by Alexis Tanner (Best Psychic Directory)

Hi Cynthia – I wanted to thank you for the reading you did for me over the phone last week. You have such a wonderful gift, and are using it to help so many others like myself. I will be back soon to order a longer reading, perhaps to understand my past, current and future live(s). When you told me I had been an angel in past lives, things slowly started making sense. I am now engrossed in reading all about Angels and the spiritual realm, almost like a spiritual awakening. Thank you so much! Lex

Posted on June 6, 2014 by Christie Arnold (Best Psychic Directory)

Hi Cynthia! I just wanted to thank you for an extraordinary reading.  You made references to things you could have never known about.  I also wanted to tell you that pac man had very special significance to me regarding healing work.  You are a beautiful, kind soul and a clear channel. You delivered the messages with compassion and clarity. Thank you!

Posted on December 31, 2013 by Mike Traynor (Best Psychic Directory)

Cynthia is fantastic and amazing. She is very knowledgeable about the realm of the universe/metaphysical, and very accurate in her reading with me. Her ability to see what cannot be seen by others is quite astounding, and is truly a gift. Cynthia is also a wonderful person who is generous, considerate, and professional from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend Cynthia highly to anyone who is thinking of getting a reading.

Posted on December 3, 2013 by Deborah Fochler (Best Psychic Directory)

I got my reading the other day and it was so right on the money – it was scary. I could have talked to Ms. Silk forever. We are so much alike. But the time went so fast but she gave me so much information – some I already knew but nice to have it validated. After talking to her even more was validated when I spoke with my family. She said my Archangel was Kam; my sister said my “make believe” playmate when i was young was someone named cammie!

Posted on November 24, 2013 by Doris Ihenetu (Best Psychic Directory)

Thank you Cynthia, you are a true messenger of the Most High God, created to bring relief, love and guidance to humanity. I love you so much and want to thank you and all the angels that offered me guidance and assistance on my reading last year. Every message I received came to pass exactly at the time you said it and all you said will come, came on time. Thanks a million I will like to join your June class, but am in Dallas, can I join by Skype. Please let me know.

Posted on October 5, 2013 by Andrea Ladwig (Facebook)

I’ve gone to multiple mediums or channelers and Cynthia is by far the best that I’ve ever been to. I am a science major and was extremely skeptical of the process but I had an hour and a half reading as well as a past life reading with her and I can tell you she was 100% on target. Her reading will exceed your expectations because they are not vague at all and what she says is going to happen within a certain time frame really does. I highly recommend her to all my friends and to you too.

Posted on August 5, 2013 by David White (Best Psychic Directory)

Dear Cynthia, Thank you for such a wonderful soul inspiring reading and talk. No words can convey. Only the best on your journey, David

Posted on April 26, 2013 by Angela Hall (Best Psychic Directory)

I consider myself most blessed to have known Cynthia for a number of years and applaud her talents which are extensive. She is amazingly gifted and I marvel at her knowledge and passion for her chosen path. The Angels that guide her are astounding and I have been the recipient of excellent advice – thanks Michael. If you haven’t already had a reading with Cynthia, I strongly advise you to book one! Cynthia also showed me how to use a pendulum which I absolutely love using when needing clarity!

Posted on Saturday, September 15, 2012 by Betty Crabtree (The Metaphysical Realm)

I attended my first Angel Channeling Development class today, with Cynthia. It was amazing!!!! I met the most wonderful people. You could feel the Angels and energies were there with us! I recommend this class for everyone, not just those who have already received “gifts”, but everyone who has the desire to expound on their spiritual journey. Each and everyone of us who attended this class today, walked away feeling blessed for the experience and the messages we each received from our Angels. Thank you Cynthia for taking your time to guide us! Much love to you! <3

Posted on Thursday, May 10, 2012 by Joe (Best Psychic Directory)

I just spoke with you a little while ago and I feel so uplifted and heavenly! I was so afraid and hurting but your guidance has given me new life thanks to our magnificent Angels who we love so much! I will be visiting this site quite often for guidance and continued help. I can;t thank you enough for all you do and the assistance you have given me. May God continue to bless you eternally! May 10th, 2102 10:45 Pm (eastern time)

Posted on March 22, 2012 by Alicia Tennant (The Angel Channeler website)

“I wanted to give an update since my session with Cynthia. During my angel reading she told me I would meet my soulmate and described his character and our connection. I met him in the time she predicted and his session with Cynthia also confirmed that he is the one she told me about. He is everything I need, want and more…He is truly my soulmate and I am grateful to finally meet the love of my life! As of Valentine’s Day 2012 we are engaged and plan to marry this year! Thank you Cynthia, Kam and Gabriel for all your guidance. You are truly a blessing!”

Posted on March 12, 2012 by Lisa (Best Psychic Directory)

“What a knowing, sweet soul! Cynthia zeroed in IMMEDIATELY on my angels and trials that I am facing and was able to give me clear, concise messages to help and uplift me. I will definitely call her back in a few months and ask to receive confirmation that I am on the right track. I really needed to hear what this wonderful lady had received for me.”

Posted on February 16, 2012 by Patsi Blackford-Bailey (LinkedIn)

“Cynthia is a wonderful person , full of compassion and kindness. She has guided me through many Angel Channelling Sessions and has a true, exceptionally deep knowledge of this field. She is a true Earthangel and Spiritual person, who gives unconditionally and completely . I would highly recommend Cynthia to anyone wanting Angel and Spiritual Guidance and Readings. Love , Light and Angel Blessings. Patsi Blackford-Bailey.”

Posted on January 26, 2012 by Michelle Garbett (LinkedIn)

“Cynthia is a wonderful Lady and Angel channeller and teacher .She has been an amazing help to me and so many others. I love the clarification she gives and the encouragement . I highly recommend her, she is very, very specially gifted.”

Posted on September 18, 2011 by Tria Angelopoulos (Facebook)

“Cynthia…I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how amazing you are in your abilities. When I read with you about a year ago, I did not want to believe the harsh truth regarding a certain Frenchmen. You also predicted a new love. As much as I didn’t want to believe you, you were right. Now I am in a much better place with the person that I should have been with the whole time. The others are all blips on the screen at this point. God Bless you and your phenomenal angels.”

Posted on August 28, 2011 by Margie Taylor (Best Psychic Directory)

“Cynthia is the most amazing person I have ever met. Over the last 3 years I have used her for angel channel readings, past life regressions, spiritual guidance, physic validations and physic development classes. She genuinely cares about giving her clients the best reading. She is accurate, honest & compassionate. Cynthia is an exceptionally gifted Medium & Angel Channeler! She connects with individuals and is able to deliver messages that help heal and console her clients. Blessings, Margie.”

Posted on August 19, 2011 by Dawn Ranieri (LinkedIn)

“Cynthia is such an amazing woman. When it comes to spiritual issues, she is the one to talk with. She has told me things that no one else could have ever known and that has helped me to understand my life in a better light!”

Posted on July 28, 2011 by Tracey Noriega (Best Psychic Directory)

“I recently had a reading with Cynthia and it was GREAT. Thank you Cynthia for sharing your gift and providing clarity to my concerns. I have had readings in the past that were good but nothing like the one I received from Cynthia. If you’ve ever thought of having an Angel reading I recommend Cynthia, you will not be disappointed.”

Posted on July 10, 2011 by Marlene Gilbert (Best Psychic Directory)

“I came to Cynthia at a time when I had experienced a sudden loss and was overcome with grief. I can hardly put into words the relief that comes from being able to experience the angel realm through Cynthia. The messages from her angels ring so true. She was able to share so much with me that put me at peace and healed my pain. Get to know your angels with Cynthia’s channeling. A whole new world just might open up for you too!”

Posted on July 5, 2011 by Nancy Hayes (LinkedIn)

“Cynthia is a very gifted person who can navigate any question given to her with ease and is very informative on the subject of metaphysical studies.”

Posted on May 25, 2011 by Chuck White (LinkedIn)

“Cynthia is one of a kind medium and channeler she brings her own personal touch to each and every one of our readings and her vast knowledge of Angels and spiritual realms. Extremely easy to talk to and to understand on what she brings to the readings. Cynthia has a kindness to her that most people don’t have. Every question I ever asked has always been answered correctly and honestly to the best of her abilities always. I have known a few mediums personally in my life but with Cynthia she has an energy to her like no one I have ever known. All in all I trust her 1000 %.”

Posted on May 12, 2011 by Jose Seminario (LinkedIn)

“Cynthia has an incredible ability to communicate with Angels. She can give you the names to your Angels so you can start to communicate with them. You will get so much out of her sessions that you will not want to stop.”

Posted on Apr 29, 2011 by Kristi Pritchett (Best Psychic Directory)

“Cynthia has given me something that nobody else in this world could – faith. The first time I had a reading by Cynthia I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but throughout the session she told me things that only I could know and I was astounded by her knowledge of my past and present. She gave me hope and advice that has made a world of difference in my life. Thank you Cynthia for all that you have given me. Do not hesitate on contacting Cynthia for a reading you will be glad that you did.”

Posted on Feb 10, 2011 by David Lowther (Facebook)

I asked God for proof and he sent me Cynthia = she’s awesome = love and light Cynthia always. I highly recommend any one looking for a reading to speak to her !!!!!

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