An Unexpected Visitor by Susan St Jacques

Susan St JacquesI was in hospital ..I had be crying earlier in the day..after my operation. .afters I woke up at 3 am my husband was sitting by my bed side holding my hand..with a big smile on his face..I knew if I blinked he would be fighting not to blink tears steaming down my face through fighting the blink..then I blinked he had gone..but what a lovely feeling it was to see him again..I’ll never forget!

‘An Unexpected Visitor’ by Susan St Jacques.

A Haunting: The Feathers Hotel, Ludlow, England

the-feathers-hotel-in-ludlow 2In October 1992 I escorted a group of Americans on a ‘Great British Haunted Pubs’ tour. Our first overnight stop was at The Feathers Hotel in Ludlow. I was chatting with our tour guide Val on the coach on route to Ludlow about the hotel when she told me about her paranormal experience when her last group stayed there. Val told me that the room she stayed in made her feel very uneasy in spite of its beautiful decor and four-poster bed and that she did not get any sleep the whole time she was there.

When I checked into my room before dinner I decided to make myself a cup of tea. The electric kettle had a very short cord and had been placed in a very awkward place to reach. I tried to remove the cord so that I could put some water in the kettle but it was stuck and I could not reach the electrical socket as it was located behind a heavy piece of furniture. Desperate for a hot drink as it was freezing outside I poured water into the kettle using a tea cup.

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My Dad Came To Watch Over Me

My dad came to me after he passed my family thought I was crazy sounds strange but he would stand in my closet didn’t say anything my mother at the time was staying with me he stayed at my home till my mom moved in with my brother ♡♡

‘My Dad Came To Watch Over Me’ by Patty Greenberg