Meditating by Cindy Collier

Cindy CollierOver the years I have learnt that meditation is good for you and your health. It is also an excellent way of contacting your spirit guides and also your loved ones that have passed over to the other side or what ever you call it. Meditating is a good way of calming the nerves as a lot of people suffer from this as well as depression. It is also good if you have any medical conditions as it helps you to cope with the pain and disability. It is good for control breathing too and this helps if you are asthmatic like my daughter. My eldest son who is autistic also meditates as I have shown him to do it. It is calmer affect on him and he does not get so upset like he used to. He has found it interesting.

I just thought I would tell you a bit about meditating as it is not a medicine but it does help you and it is not a religion either. Meditating has been around for a few thousand years. It has been in the Eastern side longer than in the Western side of the world. Meditation became more popular in the 1960’s as people were more acceptable to things like that and as I called it, the flower power years. Now its the fashion everyone wants to learn how to meditate. The old and the young. There are fascinating stories splashed all over the media about the very young and old doing meditation. Thing is Meditation has been around for a long, long time. Its a pity the Western side of the world had not found meditation a long time a go, then maybe we would not as stressed as we are now.

So I like say people are now finding it fascinating that young folks are meditating as well as the old. As you meditate you begin a new journey that will change your life in a lot of ways as the Doctors are recommending it and all walks of life people are meditating. I learned this while I was at a Spiritualist Church and loved doing it when I was taught how to meditate. It was not easy really as I am partially deaf, however, I have learned how to do it and never looked back. I have had to work harder than the normal person because of my deafness and I have done so and it has inspired me and it has helped me with my autistic sons. My daughter meditate and she burns candles while doing so. What ever makes you feel comfortable and relaxed go for it.

People will go as far as having a meditation room and they will clean it from top to bottom. They will put a Buddha in there and incense too. I would love to do that and have a room for myself or for people who would like to do this. It is great if you can have a few of you meditating if you have images you can tell each other about them. Meditating is wonderful and to be able to do this you can begin to realize how the spirit world, and the earth are connected. Not everyone can have a meditation room which is a shame and but we can do meditation any where that you feel comfortable and that you will have some quiet time. All you have to do is make sure you have time. Everyone need some sort of a lone time if they can. I know for some people it seems impossible, however, if they look at the things they do I am sure they could spare a few minutes per day. You can meditate anywhere and I understand that some people do it while they are having a bath and burn some candles and incenses too.

I have been meditating for quite a few years and from personal experience it has been an insight to the spiritual world. I feel that I should share how to meditate and show you how easy it is as some people find it a little complicated as some books make this so difficult and it is really easy to do. Some people just need guidance and the simple way of meditating and also the easy way too.

How to Meditate:

If you are a busy person try and find a place where you can meditate and have no one to disturb you at all and even switch off the telephones, mobiles and tell friends and family not to come at a certain time. You need to be a lone but if you have friends and family who are interested in what you are doing, even better. Tell them to come and bring some music that you may be interested. Also see what music that you may like first and then get in a comfortable position that you like if you like being on the floor or a chair, or even a bean bag. Just make yourself so comfortable and loosen some tight clothing and sit there and just relax. That is what you need to learn first is to relax. Sit or lay where ever you want and put on some music and just listen to it and see if you can see some images. If you do not see any images that is fine, do not worry about it. Just listen to the music and you will find that you can cope with the every day thing that gets you down.

Once you have done that then it is time to control your breathing while meditating. Do not worry if you do not do it properly for the first few times. All you do is breath in and breath out slowly. If you really want to at the beginning breath in through your nose and breath out through your mouth. As you practice this it will calm you and just do it at your own pace. Then start to breath in and fill up your lungs and everywhere in your body and hold for a few seconds and breath back out slowly. Once you have got the hang of this then you can say that you have controlled breathing exercise. Just practice it when you are a lone and then it becomes a lot easier for you. When you breath in make sure you can feel it in your abdomen and hold it and slowly let your breath out of your mouth. You will start to feel better just doing this sort of thing.

It improves the power of your concentration. Calms you down. It also enables you to know what you want out of life and how to achieve. All you need is 5 minutes of your time per day to meditate. Just remember it can help with pain and it can help with the every day stresses of life and you can even live a little longer. Life on earth is tough and you have to make decisions and you worry about your partner, children, money or having no confident to go up and ask some one out. As you meditate you can concentrate on being more confident in yourself and be more assertive too. Remember that humans are a mystery on earth and we are learning how we can connect with the spiritual world and making life a lot easier on earth for ourselves. We have been around for millions of year and we still are learning and evolving. We shall indeed learn how to be at peace with ourselves and with animals too. Life is interesting and will be more so if people realize that life if worth living. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. If you want to be more assertive then this is the way to do it and if you want to heal your body, this is also the solution.

So shall we begin a meditation?

Shall we start with a candle meditation? I love candles and it can be any colour but I prefer white as it a purity colour and also it is easier to see in the dark. Make sure that the candle is safe and put on some music that you feel goes with your mood. So you are comfortable and you can see the candle and just concentrate on your breathing and look at the candle and see if you can see anything? Just look for a few minutes. Slowly close your eyes and as you listen to the music and just breath in and out slowly. Try to image that you are sat on a bench at the top of a lovely grassed hill. You look down and there are beautiful flowers of the rainbow and incense of the flowers are so strong. You sit there and breath in the beautiful aroma. You decide to get up and walk down slowly and while you are doing this you look at all the flower and how big they are. There are all kind of different flowers and smells too. As you walk up to them you see the different shapes of the flowers. You then realise that there is some one at the end of the flowers and you recognise the face and you walk up and realize that it is your spirit guide. You are so happy to meet your spirit guide at last. You can ask your spirit guide questions and if you see images then they are telling you, or if you can hear them talk to you even better. It is wonderful when you meet your spirit guides or Angels.

I shall do more on meditation as there are so many of doing them and it is interesting as it is different experiences each time. I shall be talking about your Chakras and this will help you more and you will understand a lot more about meditating and colours. As colours do bare a strong connection with you and your chakras, and also your life too as you become more aware spiritually and become a person that you want to be.

‘Meditating’ by Cindy Collier

‘Angel Joe’ by Christy Lynn

Christy LynnThe story of Angel Joe begins in 1976. My family and I lived on the county line between Fort Worth and Everman Texas. We had a very modest home but we were rich with loving family and friends. There was a wheat field behind our house that provided ample playgrounds for my friends and me. Our house did not have a fenced in backyard, so it was open to the field which meant my brother and I, as well as our friends, had direct access to frolic amongst the wind tossed wheat anytime we wanted.

I remember spending many hours spinning around and around while my hands gently grazed the top of that soft wheat until I would fall over on my back dizzy with happiness. I would remain on my back hidden from sight nestled in my own tiny crop circle for what seemed like hours staring up at the sky putting together cloud shapes and listening to the wind make beautiful rustling wheat music. It was on one of these playful carefree days that I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of a rather large German Shepherd staring straight at me with nothing between us but open air. I was 13 years old at the time when he just appeared out of nowhere. He and I stared at each other long enough for me to assess his personality. I didn’t know him but he seemed to know me. He didn’t have a collar or tags but seemed in excellent health. He had a gentle and kind way about him as I extended my hand in friendship. He and I soon became inseparable. I called him “Joe”. Joe and I would pal around for hours playing in the Fort Worth sun. He was one of those dogs a person meets from time to time who seems to have an old soul that shows through in their eyes. They always seem to possess a kind of knowledge about the world that the rest of us are oblivious to. Soon summer was over and it was time for us kids to go back to school. Joe would wait at the school bus stop with me until it was time for me to go. He would be waiting for me every day at that very stop where the bus driver would deposit us kids after school. He and I would happily greet each other with hugs and kisses. Off we’d go to find more adventures.

I swear to you I believe Joe knew exactly what I was saying when I would tell my troubles and joys to him. He had just the right look when I would tell him I was picked on at school or ate a yummy lunch of Salisbury steak and an ice cream sandwich. He seemed to conspire with me that I toss my still full mini milk carton in the school trash bucket because I couldn’t stand the taste of plain white milk. Joe knew that chocolate milk was better for a body anyway! One day Joe and I were on a big adventure when another huge hairy dog appeared in our play space. He was bigger than my Joe and had hair that would remind you of Tina Turner on a humid day in South Texas. Joe and I looked him up one side and down the other. Joe then took the lead and walked up to that big hairy dog and I don’t know what they talked about, but the new dog knew where Joe stood. Turns out the hairy dog belonged to the new neighbors down the block. They didn’t have a fence either because he came to visit Joe and me almost every day from that point on. We all played together and the two of them would “play fight” over me. One would get my sleeve cuff in his mouth and the other my pants leg…and a game of tug of war in the snow would ensue. I loved being “play fought” over. I would laugh and laugh as they would pull me back and forth.

One day I was informed by my parents that we were going to move to a new neighborhood. I panicked and went into begging mode…begging that we take my best buddy Joe with us to the new house. My mom was in total agreement with me but my dad was another story. I can remember lots of tearful nights wondering if my precious Joe would be able to move with us. If my father had said “no”, I already had a plan to runaway to a far off land where a girl and her dog would be safe and live happily ever after. But to my surprise, my father gave in to the pressure from Mom and me…and I’m sure Joe’s big brown eyes as well. I knew Joe and I would miss our hairy friend, but he would be fine without us as there were plenty of other kids on our block. Mom was busy packing moving boxes while my brother, Joe and I passed our time with fun activities. Plans were being made and new houses were being viewed until just the right home came along. We were all excited to move to a larger home with a game room and a fenced in back yard. Joe would finally have a proper parameter to call his own. I just knew he was going to be so relieved to know he would be with us forever. It was official, Joe was “our” dog. It felt so good to say that.

Just before moving, I was getting old enough to care about my appearance and sunbathing was all the rage. On a really hot dry sunny day, I decided to try and tan a bit. I retrieved a lounge chair from the garage and arranged all of my sunbathing necessities around me. Joe was by my side in a spot of shade provided by a nearby tree. Joe and I were in our own little world when all of the sudden I opened my eyes to see a stranger to my right. The man didn’t say a thing when he crept up on us which I thought was highly suspicious. My gut told me this man was up to no good but I was too frozen with fear to move. He stared at me for a moment and then proceeded to ask me if my parents were home. Just as he finished his sentence, Joe placed himself between me and the stranger and looked bigger than ever. Joe stared straight into the eyes of this man so much so, that the man backed up a few paces in fear. The man stammered a bit trying to get out the words “Will your dog bite me?”…I honestly replied, “I don’t know.” The truth of the matter is I had never seen Joe go up against a human before…he never had a reason to during our time together. He was always gentle and anger free. I did my best to calm down and get my wits about me while Joe held the stranger at bay. As the man stood there in fear of my dog Joe, I summoned the courage to ask the man what he wanted. He backed up even farther and then took off like lightening. Joe didn’t move a muscle, he just stood his ground. I sprang up off of that lounge chair and ran in the house to tell my mother what just happened. Needless to say, she was even more fond of Joe after that and if my father even thought of going back on his decision to take Joe with us when we moved, well he’d have another thing coming!

A few days went by and my faithful pal Joe disappeared. He just vanished into thin air. I was frantic and heartbroken to say the least. I looked everywhere and asked everyone if they had seen my best buddy Joe. To my astonishment, most of our neighbors said they had never seen a German Shepherd in our yard or any other yard on our block.

I never saw Joe again. We moved and went on with our lives but none of us ever forgot him. I’ll always be grateful for the wonderful times we shared and the bravery he showed that sunny day in Fort Worth Texas. I’ve always had reason to believe in guardian angels, well heck, I’ve cheated death more times than Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones! In other words, I’ve had my fair share of close calls, including that day the stranger appeared in our backyard. So someone IS watching over me and I will always suspect that Joe was really “Angel Joe”. He was there to protect me, and then once he completed his mission, he was gone.

‘Angel Joe’ by Christy Lynn

‘I Need You Lord’

I Need you Lord, ‘I Need you.
‘You love me, I know, I want you
with me always, ‘never let me go.
I put my faith in you, my trust in you,
Oh Lord, ‘Loving you, is all I want to do.

You are my guiding light helping me each day,
You listen to every thought I think and every word I say.
Your light shines so bright within me,
and out from me it goes, to people who
need healing, from you through me it goes.

You are my strength when I feel alone,
with me where ever I roam.
You are the light within me
sent from GOD above you are the one I listen to,
You are LOVE.

‘GOD, I Thank you for Everything I have in my life.
I thank you in ‘JESUS Name, ‘AMEN.

Written by-Pádraig Cullen. St Clomauns.Duncormick.Co.Wexford. Ireland.Eire.
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