Being A Medium

Being A Medium

Whenever I mention what I do for a living I am often told how blessed I am to have this ability.  However it is my belief that the people who are given the guidance from their angels or guides through a medium are the ones who are really blessed.

I feel compelled to write about this because I believe it is a subject that is often misunderstood.  First of all I did not choose to be an intuitive I was born that way.  I also did not choose the career path that I am now on it was chosen for me.  I was in the travel industry for most of my life and never could I have imagined the changes or the challenges that were ahead for me.  God certainly works in mysterious ways!

When my guardian angels entered my life everything changed and I mean everything!   My life was turned upside down and I felt like I was caught up in a massive whirlwind.  I found myself being propelled through an intense metaphysical transition that lasted for several years.  I was given instruction about angels, the spirit realms, the afterlife and the diverse and complex dimensions of the Universe.  I found myself writing about subjects I had no prior knowledge of in this life and I was also shown pictures of angels.  It was emotional, exciting and enlightening all at the same time.  Through it all there was an overwhelming sense of ‘déjà vu’ as if I were recalling some of the information I was being given.

It would be virtually impossible to describe the amount of information that I am sent on a daily basis by my guardian angels and spirit guides. While it can be overwhelming at times I still love my angel connection and the people I meet because of it.

Mediums are often criticized for the work  they do by people who do not understand the fundamental ideology of the connection between life as we know it and the metaphysical realms.  Information received from angels, guides or the spirit realms during readings is Divine Guidance and should be treated as such.   Divine Guidance is omnipresent and is given to all people no matter what their ethnicity, religion or spiritual beliefs are.

When you are seeking the services of a medium it is important to understand that it is your choice as to whether or not you follow the guidance you are given.

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  • Very true.. I am also a medium and did not choose to be. Wasn’t always easy until I surrendered and allowed myself to hear and trust the messages I receive. I no longer ever doubt myself and know I have to continue to do God’s work. It’s my responsibility. We can be misunderstood, everyone has their own experiences and reasons. Knowing every message and experience i have to share comes from ONE source that we are ALL connected to in love is all i need to know. I see it as the space between the space that I tap into at will. I believe we all can. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Would love to talk sometime.

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